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Suzume Part 2: Sequel Renewed? Release Date & Latest Updates
« on: November 16, 2023, 07:57:13 AM »
Suzume Part 2: Sequel Renewed? Release Date & Latest Updates

Is there going to be a Suzume Part 2? One of the greatest animated films ever, Suzume is still trending even though it’s been a year since part 1 came out. The anime movie was a high success, making it one of the best-selling movies. But will Suzume get part 2? The animation, story, and everything related to this anime is a masterpiece, and fans want to see more of it. This is because the unique storyline makes it stand out. So, will it return with such a compelling storyline? Let’s see what the creator has to say about it. 

Suzume, written, created, and directed by Makoto Shinkai, is a slice-of-life and fantasy-based movie. When this movie came out, it practically took over the whole world. It was released globally, and people around the world were amazed by the fact how amazing this movie was. It delved into a 17-year-old high school girl who embarked on a journey to save the world. But will she return for Suzume Part 2? Keep reading to know that. 

Is Suzume Part 2 Officially Renewed?

There is no official announcement regarding the second part of the anime series “Suzume.” Released in November 2022, Suzume gained a significant following due to its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and stunning animation. However, the decision to produce a sequel ultimately rests with the production committee and broadcasting network.

Suzume Part 2
Credit- CoMix Wave Films

Factors such as commercial success, popularity among viewers, and availability of source material will heavily influence their decision-making process. Moreover, it is vital to consider potential scheduling conflicts with the cast and crew, as well as any changes in market trends or budgetary constraints that might affect the possibility of a second season.

While fans eagerly await news of a continuation of Suzume’s story in Suzume Part 2, it is essential to remain patient and watch for any official announcements from the relevant authorities involved in such undertakings.

Which Studio Animated Suzume Part 1?

CoMix Wave Films animated the first part of Suzume. This studio has made a significant impact on the global animation industry. Established in 2007 by prolific director and producer Makoto Shinkai, the studio gained widespread recognition by releasing anime movies like 5 Centimetres Per Second, Your Name, Weathering With You, The Garden Of Words, and more.

These anime showcased their signature visual style and artistic storytelling. CoMix Wave Films specializes in producing emotionally resonant animated films that explore themes of love, longing, and human connection. And this studio is specifically known for its movies. They haven’t animated any popular TV shows yet. Some shows they have made are She And Her Cat and The Boy Is A Professional Wizard.

Suzume Part 2
Credit- CoMix Wave Films

The studio’s distinctive aesthetic combines stunningly detailed backgrounds with delicate character animation to create a truly immersive experience for the audience. With each release, CoMix Wave Films further solidifies its reputation as a leader in the animation industry, consistently pushing boundaries and delivering visually captivating narratives that captivate viewers worldwide. But the studio has yet to announce anything related to Suzume Part 2.

Is Suzume Based On A Manga?

Suzume series does have a manga and a novel series. The novel with 1 volume or just one book came out in August 2022 by Makoto Shinkai. The manga came out in October 2022 and was illustrated by Denki Amashima. And finally, in November, Suzume’s movie came out. Soon, 369k copies of the novel were sold in Japan; Kadokawa published it.

As for the manga, it was published by Kodansha . Many fans believe Suzume was supposed to be a movie without a source. However, the director and original creator, Makoto Shinkai, decided to release manga and light novels to increase sales. His strategy did work because the movie alone generated 336 million dollars in profit, which is around 14.80 billion Japanese yen.

The movie was ranked 4th best-selling anime movie of all time. It also won awards from the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in the Silver Raven category and the Japan Academy Film Prize in the Best Music Category.

Suzume Part 2
Credit- CoMix Wave Films

Suzuma Part 1 Complete Summary (SPOILERS)

In a quiet town in Kyushu, 17-year-old Suzume Iwato lives with her aunt and lives a normal life. One day, she meets a young man searching for an abandoned area with a mysterious door. Suzume tells him about an old onsen resort nearby, and they discover a field filled with sparkling stars. Suzume accidentally tripped over a cat statue on the floor, which turned into a real cat, and ran away.

Suddenly, a powerful earthquake shook the area, and Suzume took Souta Munakata to her home. Souta explained his mission was to find and lock specific doors in abandoned places across Japan to prevent a giant supernatural worm from coming out. The cat from the resort reappeared and transformed Suzume into a small chair with three legs.

Daijin & Worm

They traveled to Ehime, where Souta revealed the cat was a keystone for the worm. Suzume and Souta later found Daijin, a cat, and helped him find an old school. They later stayed at Chika’s house for the night. The next day, they traveled to Kobe with Rumi, who asked Suzume to babysit her twins. Suzume helped Rumi at a bar, where she saw Daijin. Daijin led them to an abandoned amusement park where the worm tried to escape a Ferris wheel. 

Suzume Part 2
Credit- CoMix Wave Films

They locked the door, and the worm disappeared. Souta explained that the worm was a portal to the Ever-After, where souls go after they pass away. Suzume and her friends found Daijin in Tokyo, who warned them about the worm called Namazu and the two keystones that sealed the doors to the Ever-After. Daijin gave his power to Souta, who turned into a keystone, and Suzume used him to lock up the giant worm.

Suzume woke up at the Tokyo gate shrine and saw her friend Souta, but she couldn’t go through the door. But her unique ability allowed her to see the worm and the Ever-After through the doors. However, her hometown was destroyed in a 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and she must find the same door. They later met Tomoya Serizawa and Tamaki, whom Sadaijin, the eastern keystone, possessed.

They later found the old door in Tamaki’s old house and tried to save Souta. However, Daijin realized he must sacrifice himself to keep the worm locked up forever, a brave and selfless act. Suzume embarked on an epic journey to save her friend Souta, encountering challenges and exciting characters.

They visit the magical Ever-After, where Suzume discovered her younger self from twelve years ago. Suzume gave her younger self a unique chair, believing it would give her strength. They left the Ever-After and traveled back in time, meeting Tamaki and returning to Tokyo. Later, Suzume visited her old school in Kyushu, where she met Souta again.

Suzume Part 2
Credit- CoMix Wave Films

Suzume Movie: Cast & Production Team

Anime voice actors, also known as seiyuu in Japan, are professionals who provide their voices for the characters in anime shows and films. So it’s believed that the cast will return for Suzume Part 2 if it gets renewed. As for the Suzume Cast, it is as follows.

  • Matsumura Hokuto as Munakata Souta

  • Hara Nanoka as Iwato Suzume

  • Kamiki Ryunosuke as Serizawa Tomoya

  • Yamane Ann as Daijin

  • Fukatsu Eri as Iwato Tamaki

  • Hanazawa Kana as Iwato Tsubame

The anime production team, in the realm of Japanese animation, refers to a group of industry professionals responsible for creating and realizing an anime series. The production team of Suzume is as follows.

  • Shinkai Makoto as Director 

  • Yamada Haru as Sound Director 

  • Tanaka Masayoshi as Character Designer 

  • Tsuchiya Keiichi as Animation Director 

Suzume Part 2
Credit- CoMix Wave Films

Will Suzume Part 2 Ever Return?

It’s most likely that Suzume won’t return for Part 2. The main reason for this is the earlier movies of creator and director Shinkai Makoto never had a sequel like Your Name, Weathering With You, etc. But all these anime were made in the same universe so that they could be considered a sequel to each other. 

Maybe in the future, a sequel movie for Suzume will be released that will be in the same universe as Suzume, but the story and characters will be different. Suzume Part 2 does seem impossible. There is no source material if the manga or light novel is extended. Maybe it will get another part, but for now, it’s unlikely for the movie to get a Part 2.

Suzume Part 2
Credit- CoMix Wave Films

Suzume Part 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, as of now, no official announcement has been made regarding the release date of Suzume Part 2. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates about this highly anticipated continuation of the series. It is worth mentioning that the production process for an anime can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor.

However, given the success and popularity of Part 1, it is reasonable to expect that there might be a Part 2 or a sequel. As dedicated followers patiently wait for news on this front, they can continue to engage with other content related to Suzume anime, such as manga adaptations or fan theories surrounding future plots. For more fantastic anime content, visit The Anime Daily. 

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Source: Suzume Part 2: Sequel Renewed? Release Date & Latest Updates


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