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Author Topic: (Anime Vocabulary) “What is Chuunibyo or Byo, really?”  (Read 166 times)


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(Anime Vocabulary) “What is Chuunibyo or Byo, really?”
« on: November 21, 2023, 11:10:55 PM »
“Junibyo” or biō is a word that we often hear, “Why so biō?” “Is it junibyo?” First of all, what exactly does it mean? We will tell you the origins. The meaning of this word, the types of people who are chuunibyou, and examples of its use. Let everyone know!

What does chuunibyou mean?

“Junibyo” is a word used to refer to young people who think they are special than others. Their words and gestures will make them stand out from others. They think they have mysterious or hidden powers. After that, as time passed When you look back at what you've done, you'll feel ashamed. This is what many people call the "second grader's syndrome."
Origin of the word chuunibyo

In 1999, the term junibyo seems to have come from radio host Hikaru Ijuin. has talked about the world of children who are chuunibyo in their own program But it's more used to refer to it from the anime. Light novel Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Or the crazy love of a crazy girl who is out of this world!

Types of Junibyo

     DQN系 or Donkyu kei, a person with antisocial behavior Pretending to be a bad person It's the type that I think it's really cool to do.
     サブカル系 or Sabukaru kei, a person who thinks that he or she is different from others It is the type that thinks its own existence is very special.
     邪気眼系 or Jyakigan kei, a person who thinks he has supernatural powers strange power He is the type who thinks he has special powers.

Examples of using the word junibyo

Everyone probably understands that junibyo is used to refer to teenagers who think they are special than others. From now on we will look at some examples of the use of the word. Let's chuunibyo!

1 : “On that day, I It's actually a junibyō.” Many people have probably had that experience at some point in time. Have you ever had a memory like this? How about talking coldly to your parents? How about drinking black coffee for no reason? What about wearing adult clothes? When I think of something like this, I will say these words.

2 : “Ignore what is trending. In any case, I will never be like those people.” He behaved in opposite ways to his friends and was called “Junibyou.” Growing up, his friends often said that. “Are you still talking casually now?”

How are you with the word junibyo? It should make everyone understand each other better. It's actually not a negative word. It's just used to tease each other among friends or acquaintances. Anyone who probably used to be a chuunibyou, now everyone is their own person. In a better version than before.


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